Why not protest google?

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Why not protest google?

Postby espio » Mon Jan 30, 2012 12:16 am

There are still some countries that do not have paid apps available for them and google is not pushing this.For example; i am living Turkey and i had spent more than 150$ on apps for my ipod touch in months but now i have bought a galaxy s 2 and i don't have google paid apps available to buy. I have posted on android market boards, also contacted phone manufacturers and carriers about this but all of them point their fingers at google. So since google is not willing to listen willing buyers i think it is time for developpers to talk with google and tell them you want more customer base and countries like Turkey where there is a huge potential (75 million population with huge proliretaion of and android devices through carriers) are great for this puposes.
As a customer i have to tell you that i am sick of google making me have to be pirating paid apps and downloading untrusted apk's from torrent sites, if you take this cause seriously i am sure in long term you will be profiting from this.
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