which jar file can be used to play an audio file in android

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which jar file can be used to play an audio file in android

Postby SivaKSankar » Fri May 06, 2011 8:14 am

When I was searching through google I found a java program created in netbeans to calculate the bpm of a song. It was working with a lot of JAR files.

I used the same code for my android app and it showed lot of errors due to the missing of only one JAR file. I added the JLayer1.0.1 jar file and all the errors were cleared.

Now the app is working good but the bpm calculation is creating some new problems. It gives the bpm of a song which is less than 1 min but the others songs are not always been in process for a hour. And the songs are not been played in the background.

When I checked with the java program there it is calculating the bpm of all songs and the songs are been played and I can hear it.

What is the problem I am facing here? Is this all because of the JAR file, am I supposed to use any other JAR files? Please help me friends....
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