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What Nexus Q mean to Google

Postby carlmullin120 » Sun Jul 01, 2012 3:14 am

Google in the past few years have been looking for ways to people living center. They want people to find share value through Google, as the interests and the fun they gain. Nexus Q as the continuation of the last June, appear in front of our eyes.

Operating principle

The main function of the equipment is to share and closely linked with Google's cloud services. Because the device itself has no internal storage, so all of the content broadcasted through it should use Wi-Fi from the clouds. Each music through it plays will have small cache, and then directly play by independent sound or family entertainment system.

It can add songs or change the playliste by anyone with Google Music, the response was very quickly. You can also put it with television broadcast the video in YouTube and movies rent from Google Movie. If you are already using Google Music will know, it allows users to upload free up to 20000 songs, and then you can use the Nexus Q to play with the highest 320 KBPS.

Why everyone can control the play list

What must be pointed out is that the play list is temporary, the 24 hours after you success add a song to your Nexus Q, even if you disconnect connection can also enjoy it. So Nexus Q can not actually become a tool we collect music, it just provide a temporary share. At the same time, even if you share a music, someone cannot see your other music content.

ShareGoogle Movie is different from music, you must abide the rules that once view the must finish in 24 hours.

It isa giant leap of Google

It is a small step for the Google to enter the first step to hardware manufacturing, Nexus Q is a good try. The whole I/O on somewhat show last year "Tungsten plan" showed that Google at least at the beginning of last year began to look on the home entertainment field, until today a formal products finally came. Maybe you don't think this device is of big use, but had to admit that it from design to manufacturing all impressed, this change many people's perception that Google permeated with engineer group can't make a cultural design sense. Believe after the successful purchase of MOTOROLA mobile department, Google will go more hard in this way.

But it is still not perfect, even some drab. High prices brought to consumer limited function, and the idea of sharing not enough popularization, the condition of sales of the products may not very hot. In addition, tie users to Android and Google Play can't compatible with other platforms and applications. More awkward is, this looks too good equipment makes Google TV position some questioned. Is not absolutely on the closed problem platform and the application, the reserved MicroUSB interface is a proof.

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