Web-standard or only TCP

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Web-standard or only TCP

Postby Genom » Fri Jul 01, 2011 5:02 pm


I want to make an application for android but first I need to decide for a server...
My application will reach a server to get some Info (mainly text but also a picture maybe). I want to rent a server for this but I heard that I can't run my own code there (like running an exe file as server). I thought that my app makes a connection with the server software (I'll write it maybe on .Net) and get some info and disconnect. But I also thought that I can code the server in php. Whenever my app wants an info it will generate a webadresse (e.g.: www.appserver.com/getlist.php or www.appserver.com/getinfo.php?id=123). So the server will send the info as a html i guess. I need to convert this info to pure string and work with it... (sort it and put in appropriate locations etc...) So user won't see any webpage. But this will be easier to rent a server.

Which one of them do you think is easier and make more sense? A self written server in .Net or a php website as server?
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Re: Web-standard or only TCP

Postby dhanjel » Mon Jul 04, 2011 12:45 pm

Personally, I would go for a webservice in php or .net that outputs either xml (standard ws soap) or json.

A while back I tried something similar and wrote down some info on it, you can find it here: http://techblog.tecus.se/?p=44.

The problem might be binary data such as images, I used base64-encoding for this, but that might not be ideal performance/size-wise.
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