using notifications in IM application

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using notifications in IM application

Postby s.semeria » Thu Apr 03, 2008 1:49 pm

Hi all,

I am working on an Instant Messaging application and I would like to allow running multiple conversation at the same time.
Any time my application receives a message it add a notification in the status bar with some info (sender name, time, etc).
What I need should be opening a chat activity (an activity with message sending functionalities) for each notification (i.e. when the user clicks the notification for conversation with user X, the chat window for messaging session with X should open).

Basically I can find two solutions here:

1. Each new chat session is a separate activity (different instances of the same activity class). The intent fired when the user clicks the notification should be bound the specific activity instance (in some way that I still don't know)

2. Only one activity is used for displaying all the session data. The Intent fired when the user clicks the notification is bound on the session data and the views on the activity should be redrawn each time.

Have you got any suggestion? I guess the second solution is probably the best but I don't understand very well the intent stuff (th activity should be created each time as a new on or not when the notification intent is fired? )

Please help...


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