Two Ways To Watch 3D Movies on The New iPad

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Two Ways To Watch 3D Movies on The New iPad

Postby cici116819 » Sat Mar 31, 2012 4:28 am

Two Ways To Watch 3D Movies on The New iPad
In 2010, a movie had swept the world with its fantastic effect and occupied the first place in the movie list for a long time. The movie is Avatar, which breaks the record of Titanic with over 27 billion dollars at box office, leaving all the films far behind. This movie hints at the coming of a new era in film industry: 3D film era.
In 2010, Apple had debut a new product which changed the structure of computer sale market in a short time. It challenged the dominant position of traditional computer and improved the competiveness of tablet. It is called iPad. In two years'time, over 550 million iPads had been sold, breaking the record of iPhone which took three years to manage this task. In March 2012, the debut of The new iPad had attracted the world's attention.
Nowadays 3D movies and The new iPad are attached with fashion. Their combination will be regarded as perfect. So how can you watch 3D movie on The new iPad? This post will present you two methods to manage it.
I. The tradition method
This method requires three tools: 3D glasses, a 3D movie and The new iPad. This method is quite simple, you just need to download a 3D movie and watch it on The new iPad with 3D glasses.
However, you need to be considerate before doing this. For one thing, the movie you have downloaded need to be in accordance with the type of anaglyph 3D glasses. For example, a movie that supported red/cyan glasses can't support Green/Magenta glasses. This not only limits your source of videos, but also raises the risk that your efforts will be in vain once the movie can't support the glasses. Since The new iPad can only support mp4 file, it is really a headache to find those 3D movies you want in 3D movie website.
II. DVD Ripper
This method requires three tools as well: 3D glasses, DVD Ripper and The new iPad. This method is quite easy. You don't need to download 3D movies online because DVD Ripper can help you to convert DVD to mp4 supported by The new iPad and even add 3D effect to the converted video. The operation is quite simple.
1. Click "File" and then choose "Load Video" to input DVD. Select "iPad" option in the drop-down list of "Profile".

2. Click "Edit" icon and then edit the video. The "Trim" tab can help you to trim video, the "Crop" tab can help you to cut video size, the "Effect" tab can help you to adjust contrast and brightness of the video and the "Watermark" icon can help you to add watermark to the video. After that, click "OK".
3. Click "3D" icon below the menu bar. Choose the 3D effect you want and adjust 3D depth with the bar. Click "OK" and then click conversion button.
With this method, you won't need to bother about buying the wrong glasses any more. You can attach appropriate 3D effect to the videos. It is much easier for you to get a DVD of a certain movie than to search it online.
So with the high resolution screen, you can enjoy the amazing 3D movies on The new iPad. DVD Ripper can help you make this process much easier.
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