Two Steps to Watch PowerPoint on Iconia W700 Tablet

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Two Steps to Watch PowerPoint on Iconia W700 Tablet

Postby gary6540 » Sat Jan 05, 2013 11:04 am

Whilst one can find a range of Windows RT tablet computers sold in the market, none of them are able to be as powerful as Android tablet PCs just like Google Nexus 7. As a consequence, it turns out to be Windows 8 Pro products that hold lofty goals to popularize Windows 8 system in tablet computer sector. Surface Pro tablet is simply the most sexy Windows 8 Pro product, but it is not the earliest one. Actually, Acer has leaked out the magic power of Windows 8 system with Iconia W700 tablet. Although Iconia W700 tablet is available for 900 bucks, the cost is actually good enough for a Windows 8 Pro powered gadget acquiring large-size IPS display owning a resolution of 1080p, excellent i5 cpu and even Impressive backside digital camera. In addition, using built-in 4G RAM and 128GB disk, Iconia W700 tabletturns out to be a gaming parade; with remarkable battery power and HDMI port, Iconia W700 Tablet gets to be a powerful film center.

Not surprisingly, Iconia W700 tablet can not only be used like an entertaining product, but also a working assistant. For instance, with the assist of Windows 8 Pro, users are allowed to play PowerPoint on Iconia W700 tablet faultlessly. Nevertheless, considering the fact that Office 2013 is actually more costly than Microsoft 2010, some customers are generally reluctant to buy it. Subsequently can one find any wonderful and low-cost options to assist users play PowerPoint on Iconia W700 tablet? Actually, you will find many outstanding ways that permits customers to perform PPT on Iconia W700 tablet. Here two them are going to be mentioned.

Method One: Transform PPT to Google Docs

Seeing as a web-based PowerPoint substitute, Google Docs permits consumers to add, modify and release the PowerPoint presentation online. To perform PowerPoint on Iconia W700 tablet, consumers barely have to open up the site of Google Docs and next switch the PowerPoint to Google Docs file. Of course, this amazing method can merely be finished when access to websites happen to be attainable. Considering that the conversion technology from PowerPoint to Google Docs happen to be not that flawless, consumers may find the losses of a number of cartoon effects in the changed Google Docs data file.

Step 1: Open the web site of Google Docs, click on "Settings" key, select "upload Settings" and even check "Convert uploaded file to Google Docs format" alternative.

The Second Step: Click "Upload" symbol to add the PowerPoint file for alteration. As the alteration stops, users can watch the PPT file on Iconia W700 tablet.

Method II: Switch PowerPoint to Iconia W700 Tablet

A good method to assist customers enjoy PowerPoint on Iconia W700 tablet turns out to be to turn PowerPoint to video for Iconia W700 tablet. In this manner, not only can the cartoon effects of the PPT file be kept, but also can customers watch the PowerPoint on Iconia W700 tablet offline. Surely, a strong PowerPoint to Iconia W700 tablet converter turns out to be wanted. Consequently, customers are granted to turn PowerPoint to Iconia W700 tablet video using the assist of Moyea PPT to Video Converter.

Step 1: Get and release Moyea PPT to Video Converter. Open it and next mouse click "Add" key to add the PPT file. Fix the output data file as MP4 video in the list of "Profile" to make sure that users can play the changed PPT on Iconia W700 tablet.

The Second Step: Click "Settings" key to go into Profile panel where several video variables stand. Later switch the PowerPoint to a decent Iconia W700 tablet video by setting the video size as "1920x1080" and audio codec as "AAC".

Step 3: Next, mouse click "Start" switch to commence the process of converting PowerPoint to MP4 video. After the alteration stops, one has the ability to enjoy PPT on Iconia W700 tablet easily.
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