Tutorial: Transfer Movie to FLV

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Tutorial: Transfer Movie to FLV

Postby maykv6 » Fri Apr 06, 2012 7:12 am

Maybe you get some wonderful videos, movies or pictures, and plant to enrich your blog contents with those visual multimedia elements. I believe it is a great way to boom your blog traffic and attract eyeballs. In case like this, you may do some conversion for your videos which get file extension WMV, AVI , MPEG, 3GP and so forth. Video to SWF or FLV converter is defintiely the best tool to convert movie to FLV, or turn video to SWF.

Why FLV is the best format for sharing videos? Becasue of the wide installment of Adobe Flash Player, the FLV becomes the most popular streaming media format, which indicates that the FLV videos can be played in web browser without video player directly. Moreover, the FLV videos often feature much smaller video size comparing with movies or video clips what include the same content, so it makes the FLV videos can be swiftly uploaded to internet or loaded while online watching.

Guide: convert movie to FLV

1. launch video to FLV converter.

2. load movies for batch conversion. With the powerful converter, you are free to convert WMV to FLV,or turn 3GP to FLV etc effortlessly.

3. Edit movies to meet your personal needs..

After you finished loading videos, you can highlight a video to crop its screen size, adjust saturation, or insert picture or image watermark by clicking Edit button.

To click Clip button, you can cut yout video into several parts.

To highlight two or more video clips, the Merge function of video converter will allow you to combine the selected videos into one FLV flash video.

3. Choose format. Click Formats button, there are two formats for you to choose, SWF and FLV. FLV format is the most popular format for sharing video. If plan to embed your videos to web or blog, FLV format is your ideal choice.

4. Start to convert movie to FLV.

The whole process only takes a few minutes. Especially for commecial use, you can add your brand, logo, or company name or slogan into web movie by its video-editting function. It's a grant chance to grow your brand.
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