ThL W6 overall configuration

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ThL W6 overall configuration

Postby Hotcandy » Wed Jan 16, 2013 8:28 am

ThL W6 overall configuration is balanced, using high cost-effective mediatek inc. MT6577 platform as a solution, equipped with 1.0 GHz dual-core processor, RAM capacity of up to 1 gb, ROM is 4 gb.
Screen size W6 is a big window, 5.3 inches of baimiao gives a man a great visual impact, and adopted the IPS display technology, it is a pity that is processor performance and cost limit, resolution stay in 960 x540. Mobile phone front 2 million pixel camera, postpositive for 8 million pixels, and equipped with the fill light module. W6 support double card double stay function, support the WCDMA system, the user can use unicom 3 g card.
A, positive and details Fuselage with black gives priority to tone, a business atmosphere, and in 5.3 inches of big screen with mobile phone appear very atmosphere, which conform to the needs of people work.
Because the body is wide, the receiver also correspondingly stretched to meet the width, it is next to the hidden distance sensor and light sensors. Front camera pixel as high as 2 million, this in the machine of certain competitive power.
I prefer like thl w7 more.
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