The seems to come around.

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The seems to come around.

Postby Ever47 » Tue Sep 25, 2012 1:19 pm

The seems to come around.

Okay, that was kind of silly. NCIS Season 10 Episode 1 They land in the Bon Temps cemetery -- we flash to Eric and Bill registering her return in their hidey-holes -- and it's clear immediately that Earl is in a bad way, sort of flashing on and off and looking 30 years older, sunken-eyed and gray. She helps him over to her grandmother's grave, and he gives her his pocket to give to Jason, then turns to dust. Sookie cries, NCIS Season 10 Episode 1 but in a refreshing change of pace, does not scream.She walks home, and sees that workers have done some sprucing up at her house. In fact, someone is still working on the outside, and tries to stop Sookie when she walks inside. He tells her he's going to call the cops. Soon we see Jason, now sporting a little goatee and wearing a Renard Parish deputy uniform, enter the house. He's shocked to see her. She's surprised to see him in uniform. He explains that they thought she was dead and tells her she's been gone for more than a year. NCIS Season 10 Episode 1 She's less concerned about this than the fact that Jason sold her house in her absence. She says it felt like she was gone for 10 or 15 minutes, that time works differently in the fairy world. NCIS Season 10 Episode 1 Jason doesn't really believe her, and warns that no one else will, but when she gives him their grandfather's The seems to come around. It's 6:35 p.m., so Sookie knows what that means. Bill speed-vamps over,

Immediately begging her forgiveness for thinking her gone. Eric then coolly saunters up, The Voice of America Season 3 Episode 7 saying he never believed she was dead. Bill turns on Eric, masterfully ordering him back to Fangtasia -- there's a switch -- and Eric accedes a little grumpily. "Apparently I have to go, but understand this: Everyone who claims to love you -- your friends, your brother, even Bill Compton -- they all gave up on you. I never did."Sheriff Andy Bellefleur Dancing with the Stars Season 15 Episode 2 shows up -- oh, William Sanderson, I miss ye -- and is pissed. Bill explains that they thought he killed her all this time, but no one could prove it. Andy tells Sookie to show up at the station tomorrow and he'll take her statement; maybe they'll find the person who kidnapped her. When Sookie explains that no one kidnapped her, Andy goes ballistic. Bill steps in, explaining that Sookie had been working for him on some top-secret vamp business and apologizes for misleading him for a year. "You owe me a Safe Streets plaque," Andy grumps and turns to leave. Back in the patrol car, Jason accuses Andy of using again. It become clear that Andy has become a V addict. Lafayette gets freaked out and backs away. Marnie comes out of her trance and appears in real life to be an apologetic, timid sort. Looks can be deceiving. Lafayette accuses Jesus of telling Marnie about Eddie to lure him in to the group, Flipping Out Season 6 Episode 4and storms out.While we're at it, let's catch up with our pals from Bon Temps:Arlene comes home and sees her baby (from now-dead serial killer boyfriend Rene) on the floor surrounded by decapitated Barbies.

Sookie tells Bill that she feels Private Practice Season 6 Episode 1 like she's been gone only an hour or so, so it feels like he just broke her heart. (Because Eric told her that Bill came to Bon Temps to "procure" her for Sophie-Anne, giving him an ulterior motive for their romance.) He's just happy she's okay and wishes her goodnight.true-blood- -4- -1-fiona-shaw.jpgHBOMarnie (Fiona Shaw) has big ambitions for her Private Practice Season 6 Episode 1 little Wiccan circle.Over in (presumably) Shreveport, Jesus has dragged Lafayette (sporting a fierce mohawk) to the Moon Goddess Emporium for a Wiccan group meeting. Lafayette's appears tired of Jesus trying to interest him in his supernatural experimentation. "Five minutes," Lafayette says. "Ten if they got dranks." One woman in gl es -- I didn't catch her name -- welcomes them, and Holly, the blond waitress from Merlotte's, brings them into the circle, where Marnie, the head Wiccan, is muttering to herself. Suddenly she looks over at Lafayette and motions him. She appears to be hocking up a hairball or in the middle of a particularly troublesome bowel movement, but in reality, Bones Season 8 Episode 2 she's communing with the spirit of Lafayette's dead trick Eddie, the one who traded for V. Suddenly Eddie takes over -- in a thick, nearly indecipherable accent, she/he tells Lafayette that he was worth it, and when he mentions the merlot Lafayette used to drink,
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