The data services in the making

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The data services in the making

Postby malonejack633 » Tue Jul 10, 2012 3:51 am

Since apple has introduced iPad and iPhone around the world, the world facing a situation that a number of industry overthrown, restructured or killed. Google and Microsoft recently launched tablet computer, plus their effort in making mobile phone operating system and cell phone, can say that the traditional divisions of industry and business mode analysis needs to correct.

Here we named new concept: data services. The industry's core assets is the electronic network data, no matter where these data come from, what organization or individual, what products or services. The colors of the whole world everything can be changed to simple or complex data bytes by 0-1. The whole industry chain production by the data, data communication, data acquisition, data processing and data exchange and sale. All the traditional industry can classif belong to one or several industrial chain link. For example, the press and publication industry and genres mainly engaged in the production data, telecommunications and website main do data communication, data terminal users help manufacturers obtain data, software publishers specialize in data storage processing, everyone together involved in data exchange and direct or indirect selling business.

The fundamental difference between data services and the existing related industry is its business model is data driven model, is deep analysis processing of big data, is multiple and deep use of big data, is value-added services for simple and direct existing business model. An ideal industrial chain data service company should design and sell by all data terminal, universal open platform development and operation, the development and support after cloud computing, data storage, usage background, data analysis and data product platform components. Such a company CIO or CDO play an important leadership role, hire a large number of data scientists, data engineers and data product manager. In actual work Data use TB for the minimum unit, in business discussions the most commonly used noun is "Minimum Data Set or MDS" or "Metadata", "Data Mart" and "Infrastructure as a Service or IaaS". Compared with the existing network industry business model, the company's business model has the distinct precision, intelligent, personalized and diverse characteristics, has several times higher input-output ratio and cost-effective.

If from this logic to see Apple's iPhone and iPad, will not only gasp its elegant design, powerful functions and amazing market conquer power, will think how apple from an IT company transform into a future data service industry leader. Also, Google launched open mobile phone operating system and tablet computer, or enterprise behavior even difficult to understood in the past, including launch earth satellite, develop self-driving cars, invest in all kinds of green energy and andsensors, is prepare for taking the lead in future data services. Also, to Microsoft's tablet computer and mobile phone operating system, the amazon Kindle and Facebook promote their own data center, should be attributed to a warm up movement before the big data era.

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