The crossroads of card machine

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The crossroads of card machine

Postby mavinjames329 » Tue Jul 03, 2012 3:05 am

Once upon a time, people can be seen hang lightweight digital camera everywhere in his hand or chest, we used to call it card machine. With digital camera production technology been mature, the price of card machine had not like that high up and now consumers can buy a card machine only spend the lowest hundreds of yuan. However, as the rapid spread of smart phone, pixel of the camera carry on a smartphone more and more high, even if the price is lower, the survival of card machine undere a threat.

Last October, the launched iPhone 4 S have up to 8 million pixels iSight camera, and f / 2.4 large aperture. Now one thousand yuan price Android smart phones most can equipped with 5 million pixels camera, and camera of Android's flagship phone such as SONY LT 26i can even reach 12 million pixels. Now consumers take photos more likely to choose combination of "SLR + mobile phone", so as to adapt to the needs of different circumstances.

Therefore, card machine is facing the severe test, came to the survival of the crossroads, horizontal facing more professional EVIL and SLR cameras, longitudinal encounter the smart phone. How to find the right way out from the center of crossroads, to make industry still able to sustainable development, has become a snub problem. Consumers no longer simply how high the pixels of the card machine, they hope it have more cool and boom functions. Let us to predict the next stage, the possible direction of the card machine.

Add more social function

Wi-Fi function to join digital camera is a great innovation in industry, and connect directly to social networks from cameras is very realistic. Card machines need to get into social network in his own way. A feature of social network is real-time and interactive, if the card can realize the real-time interaction function based on photos, may let card machine more popular. But in the process of compromising social element, must avoid the phenomenon of homogeneity with smart phones, in order to avoid card machine into pantomime horse ".

With 3 D function

2009 roll out 3 D W1 Fuji is the first 3 D digital camera to consumers, because that time consumers' knowledge of 3 D limited and hardware support for 3 D not enough, promotion of 3 D digital camera is very limited. This time past different, more and more of the TV and computer began to support 3 D, consumer also gradually familiar with the new function, so 3 D is the necessary function in the future in necessarily consumption level product. if card machine can seize the market opportunity, reduce the 3 D production, will get 3 D of the market share earlier than a smart phone.

Adopt more chic design and more cool function

The same card machine, some go unattended, some are limited. The appearance of small&fashion casio TR100, TR150 since have innumerable the fans after listed. This "alternative" card machineis different from the watch.

The Instagram camera get high praise on the net, most users are favor this modelling chic camera. Perhaps such a high enthusiasm is by the influence of Instagram, but it is undeniable that the consumers no longer like regular traditional design, if market introduce novel and unique design products, will once again to blow a big rush agitation.

Perhaps, who can lead the card machine out of confusion intersection are those budding manufacturers with full energy.

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