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Testing Tools for Mobile Solutions

Postby koundinya75 » Sat Aug 29, 2009 12:29 pm

Hello All,
Good Afternoon.

I would request you to share me some of your experiences, thoughts, ideas and strategies that we would need to follow in testing the applications in mobile application development.

What are the tools that are available in market.
1. Memory/Process performance
2. Network usage
3. UI usability
4. Mobile Security (data, application security etc etc)
5. Network Security (Bluetooth, Infrared, Wifi etc etc)
6. Web Stress tools (targeting mainly to websites that serves mobile applications)
7. Application usability test tools. (for e.g application portability/deployment in different mobile devices)
8. Application behaviour tools - if we have any (for e.g multi tasking/multi threading environment say receiving phone call that could interrupt our applications)

As I am still novice in this area, I am not sure if my thought process is going in right direction or not for testing the apps in mobile application development.

So I would request you to share your experiences, best industrial practices and tools that you are using for your mobile apps testing.

Sudhakar Chavali
Sudhakar Chavali
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