Submitting a paid application from a non-supported country

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Submitting a paid application from a non-supported country

Postby jedi_bg » Mon Feb 27, 2012 9:41 am

Hello guys

My country is not listed as a supported location for merchants and thus I can't submit paid applications. Hopefully, I am allowed to post free ones. Now, while I am going to develop different apps, some of them will be free of charge but others will be offered at a small cost. It seems I can't do it the official way. So far, I see two possibilities:

Rely on ads ==> this will be valid for the free apps
Integrate PayPal in my applications

I am still considering the second option. It's relatively easy to write my own PayPal gateway, hosted on my server which will handle payments, generate unlock codes, handles activation, everything. I've seen this in an application I use regularly. The difference is that this application is from a supported location and the PayPal integration is only in addition to the regular Market billing service. However, I have the feeling that this breaks the Market License Agreement(please throw some light on this).

Regarding the first options, at least when I am using an application, ads do not handicap me. I only click them if I want to support the develop but I am sure few people do like me. I was recently helping a woman to setup her brand new Iphone. Her first thought was "Now, disable the payments for applications". She's driving a car for $100 000 and she wanted to disabled payments... That's why I don't think there will be big revenue from showing ads. This doesn't mean I am not going to integrate them!

I extremely dissatisfied with the limitations Google imposes me. My country is an EU member and thus it shouldn't be due to law restrictions or another governmental reason. What is interesting - I don't see countries like Greece and the Czech Republic which are also eligible according to my logic.

What do you think, what are my options?
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