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Stanford Programming Methodology online course Q

Postby Fresh83 » Sat Mar 26, 2011 4:07 pm

Someone on this forum recommended checking out Stanford programming methodology course for learning the basics of programming and java.

In the first few lectures the teacher uses a program called karal the robot in his examples. After looking around the class site i saw that Stanford has its own version of eclipse. I was wondering 1st does anyone know if i NEED the Stanford edition of eclipse to use karal? and if i do then is it going to screw anything up having 2 versions of eclipse on my computer at the same time? i already have set up eclipse for android and ive had problems in the past and would like to avoid having to re install everything in the Stanford edition if possible.

If your not familiar with the course its a completely free course that has full videos of all lectures as well as handouts, notes and resources. The teacher is amazing and after spending a good amount of time trying to learn java i can honestly say its the best resource for learning java and oop concepts Ive found so far. Instead of just explaining how to use java to create programs it gets new programmers thinking in a top down mindset .They claim usually takes self taught programmers around 100 hours of coding to grasp this concept and after hearing this i realized i have been approaching java in a very bottom up mindset. I HIGHLY recommend this course and would suggest any mods around here consider making a sticky about it.

Link to Class:

Note:The link to the video lectures is under resources.
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Re: Stanford Programming Methodology online course Q

Postby Faded9 » Sat Mar 26, 2011 6:47 pm

I believe I am the one that pointed you over there, so I should be able to help you out a little.

I don't think it would be completely necessary to use their version, but I did just to make sure I didn't have any strange problems, and it was nice to keep the little Stanford projects separate from my Android work. Just installing it in a separate directory didn't seem to cause any issues on my PC, so I wouldn't worry about that too much.

Good to see that you are enjoying that course as much as I did, I even have inside jokes with others relating to the teacher and his awesomeness. It really is a great resource to teach you the OOP concepts required to really get going with Android. Good luck!
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