Something is pulling 18Mb every 2 hours!

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Something is pulling 18Mb every 2 hours!

Postby mrosseel » Tue Mar 31, 2009 6:25 pm

Hi all,

After a quite sobering 250 euro phone bill I started looking into my provider's logging, and it seems that every 2 hours, something is consuming 17-18Mb of data. (24/7).

Upon detecting this I of course disabled my data plan. Tonight I re-enabled the WIFI and checked using netMeter what was happening. Again 18Mb of inbound traffic occured. When looking in the running processes only and netmeter consumed 20+ % of CPU.

Then I looked into my DDMS logs

Code: Select all
03-31 18:56:04.044: INFO/CheckinService(57): From server: Intent { action=android.server.checkin.FOTA_UPDATE data= }
03-31 18:56:04.094: INFO/UpdateReceiver(57): Received update intent to download
03-31 18:56:04.154: WARN/UpdateReceiver(57): Previous update download missing.
03-31 18:56:04.224: VERBOSE/WifiMonitor(57): Event [CTRL-EVENT-SCAN-RESULTS  Ready]
03-31 18:56:04.484: DEBUG/dalvikvm(10841): GC freed 13167 objects / 650496 bytes in 181ms
03-31 18:56:05.074: INFO/UpdateReceiver(57): Started a new update download:

This zip file is 17Mb :shock:

One advice, check if this isn't the case for your cell phone, it might avoid some suprises...
I'm now going to hop over to another forum to warn other users most likely to experience the same...

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