Someone Please Help Me Out!

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Someone Please Help Me Out!

Postby CptProle » Sat May 22, 2010 2:38 am

I don't know a single thing about programming. The only experience I've ever had was with a C++ class in college almost 6 years ago. But, despite that, I want to get into android programming. Specifically, I want to create an application that will allow me to look up certain refrence material.

You see, I am a lawyer and that requires looking through massive amounts of refrence material either by book or computer. I think it would be extremely useful to look through something like the United States Code or the Code of Federal Regulations by phone. Not only that, I'm sure there are other lawyers with android enabled phones which would find this helpful as well.

Now, I've tried looking at multiple tutorials, the google group, the android developer site, and many other places. But I feel as though I am in over my head. I think what I want to do requires SQLite Database usage? Or a content provider? Again, I'm just throwing out the terms I've seen. I have been able to download the android kit along with eclipse and create a "Hello World" program though. I'm willing to learn if someone could just point me in the right direction. It seems like something like this should be pretty easy. But if it isn't, I would like to know as well!

If it helps, most of the code (as in the federal code) would be arranged as "Title/Subtitile/Chapter/Subchapter/Section" where the section is what you are looking for. What would probably be even more useful would be a way to search by section as well. But, I am content with baby steps for now.

I would appreciate any help on this matter. Thank you!
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Re: Someone Please Help Me Out!

Postby padde » Sat May 22, 2010 4:12 am

The app you describe would be best implementet with a SQLite Database. The access even of large Data and especially searching in the data is quite fast with a SQLite Database. If you want to access the data with different apps or make
the data available to other third-party apps you would need a ContentProvider that encapsulate the SQLite Database
and manages the access to the data.

If you need anymore help or advice feel free to PM :)
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