some newbie questions regarding best practices

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some newbie questions regarding best practices

Postby erniehart » Thu Jan 05, 2012 11:04 pm

I am kinda new to this all and have a question or two about the proper way to do some things when designing an app. my first question is, is it okay to use the built in SQLite database for an app? i ask this because it seems as if the database is supposed to be used for the operating system data like contacts and whatnot, not really for apps. my second question is when connecting to a web database should the communication be done through a web page or is it okay to connect directly to the remote database from android? connecting to the database directly seems like it could raise some security threats. my last question is how many items is acceptable to put in the resources for an app? for example i am trying to develop an app that could use around 10000 images, i would assume putting that many files in the resources would bog it down a lot, what would be the best solution to this?
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