SimpleAdapter screen refresh

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SimpleAdapter screen refresh

Postby eee333 » Tue Apr 01, 2008 11:23 pm

Hello again!

I've been making great progress learning java and the android sdk. Fun stuff.

I did some code modification from this "customlist" tutorial found here, and things are working well, with one little quirk.

In my app, I am populating the list with data from an xml file fetched from an external server. When I add to the list from within android, and the screen updates, it adds the new list on top of the old list. The behavior I want is to wipe the old list, and start fresh.

Can anyone give me a clue how to do this with a SimpleAdapter?

Thanks so much!
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Postby kiran » Wed Apr 02, 2008 5:01 am

you can try list.clear() to clear all data in the list and then populate it with the new list.
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