Several useful ways to repair castings defects

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Several useful ways to repair castings defects

Postby megan2008 » Fri Oct 25, 2013 7:03 am

The methods were:

(1) Structure is formed in a thickness casting manufacturers with hot spot at the implementation of rapid solidification, artificially machine casting temperature field around a basic balance. Using internal and external cold iron, local use of heat storage capacity of zircon sand, chromite sand, or specialty coatings.

(2) Reasonable process design: Ingates Pu in the wall opposite the casting machine, when the number of multiple and dispersed. So thick at first to enter the first solidification of liquid metal, thin-walled office after solidification, so that the entire basic equilibrium solidification. Casting for uniform wall thickness, with multiple inner runner and vents. Ingates more dispersed and uniform, so that the overall heat balance. Vent fine and numerous, that was underway exhaust unobstructed cooling effect.

(3) Changing the position of the ingate in the investment casting

(4) Use heat storage capacity of the molding material, which is produced by LFC-wear is extremely important! Chromite sand replace quartz sand sand other small heat accumulator species, will achieve good results, pouring Bi microseismic better!

(5) Low-temperature fast firing, open-casting system. The liquid metal fast, smooth and balanced full cast. This system should be due to pieces.

(6) Ductile iron machine mold strength, surface hardness ≧ 90, sand box rigidity, enabling the elimination of shrinkage.

(7) Requires the riser, when the first move heat riser, and leave the hot section. If the riser is placed on the hot section, will increase the riser size, the formation of 'hot on the heat.' Fix, not only difficult except shrinkage, but also produce concentrated shrinkage, but also reduce the process yield.

(8) Tilt mold placed with alloying, have benefited. Eliminate shrinkage defects steel casting manufacturers machine is a complex understanding and implementation process. Should be 'heat balance' as the basic principle of the osprey body castings do scientific analysis, to establish a reasonable process scheme, moved a good selection of suitable molding materials, tooling and proper operation and standardized. Then any machine casting shrinkage defects can be resolved.

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