sdcard to blob database???

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sdcard to blob database???

Postby dualcnhq » Wed Nov 16, 2011 10:04 am

ah hi guys, i'm new to Android development. i need help for my app.

is it possible to save or get files from the sdcard and save files from a given directory to database that will be used by my app? my app should only view files from the database and not to the file manager. the said files are mostly media files and document files (.pdf, .ppt, .mp4 files to be exact) and i thought of using a blob database to store them into the database.

so basically the app should work like this:
1. get files from the sdcard directory/ the given default directory
2. save files to database
3. load files from the database as lists on the Android app

how will i gonna do that? any help? thanks in advance.
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