Save/Convert Image to PDF File on Mac Mountain Lion/Lion and

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Save/Convert Image to PDF File on Mac Mountain Lion/Lion and

Postby azurabena » Sat Aug 11, 2012 7:46 am

How to Save/Convert Image to PDF File on Mac OS X and Windows

Have taken many pictures and want to make your own stylish picture collection by combing these images together as PDF file? Or just want to convert images to PDF file for conveniently share via email or web? There are many ways to save image as PDF format. Here in this article, we’re going to list out several methods, hoping you can benefit from them.

Save/Convert image to PDF in Mac OS X

One of the merits of Apple Mac OS X is that you can save almost every file on Mac to PDF files without installing any third-party apps. If you’re a Mac user, you can save images to PDF format easily with Preview. Right-click on the image that you desire to convert to PDF and select Open With Preview. Go to File menu, choose Save as. From the pop-up window, set a new name for the save PDF file and folder to save it. And in the format drop-down list, select PDF as the output format. If you’d like to protect the saved PDF from copying and pasting, tick the Encrypt option and type in the passwords.


Save/Convert image to PDF in Windows

Save images as PDF via Adobe Acrobat. If you have installed Adobe Acrobat on your computer, you can create new PDF file with it. Launch Adobe Acrobat and get quick access to the task by clicking on “Create PDF” from the Getting Started area. And then in the pop-up menu, click to select the images you want to convert to PDF and click the “Save” button. Perfect, you’ve made it.

Save images to PDF via Microsoft Word. If you do not have Acrobat or any that kind of third-part apps, then save these images as PDF file via Microsoft Word. First, open Microsoft Word. Then click the Insert menu and select Picture. From here just insert the images you hope to convert to PDF. After you’ve arranged all the images properly in Microsoft Word, click the Microsoft button on the very upper left and select Save As>PDF or XPS. Ok, in the prompt, type in a name for the target file and in Save as type area, select PDF (*.pdf).


Note: The option Save as PDF or XPS might not be activated yet. If so, download and installed Microsoft’s free “Save as PDF add-in” plug-in.

Converting image to PDF is quite easy. However, when it comes to extracting images from PDF files, it takes a little elbow grease. Fortunately, you can try the PDF Converter to extract images, including graphics, from PDF files in batch.

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