Running SDk adb... on Tablet

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Running SDk adb... on Tablet

Postby 3tybagig » Thu Mar 03, 2011 3:09 am


I want to run the SDk on a Tablet. Seems I can only do so on win, OSX, Linux. Will this change in the future.

I am doing a lot of work on people's android devices these days. I will be doing more of that work on the road in the coming year. I'd like to buy a nice Honeycomb Tablet and use it for accessing other android devices through the SDK and adb. Otherwise I will need to buy a Windows Tablet to do this work. That is not something I want to do at all. And it would be grotesquely ironic if I had to buy a windows tablet to do work on android tablets.

Will there be an SDK for android devices in the future or can I compile the source of adb and fastboot to run in terminal on android? If so a little tutorial on that would be great.


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