RIM’s new CEO condemns idea of Android on Blackberry devices

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RIM’s new CEO condemns idea of Android on Blackberry devices

Postby brinkley1988 » Mon Jan 30, 2012 4:25 am

It looks like RIM’s new Chief Executive Officer, Thorsten Heins, doesn’t like the idea of Blackberry hardware running Android. In an interview with Crackberry, the CEO said, “Just take a look where the Android OEMs are. Take a look at their recent announcements and what you will immediately see is there is just no room for differentiation because they are all the same.”

True, Android devices are relatively the same. Despite the variations in hardware and UIs slapped on top by manufacturers, Android is what a wide variety of devices have in common. However, this doesn’t mean that the Blackberry platform is better. Android is still monumentally ahead when it comes to functionality and the amount of apps users can’t get enough of.

With Blackberry 10, RIM plans to change its fortunes. The QNX-based Blackberry 10 is a combination of Blackberry 7, the OS that powers handsets such as the Bold Touch 9900 and the Curve 9360, and its QNX platform, which powers the PlayBook. free iphone games

Sadly, the reported delays and rumors that Blackberry 10 is no better than earlier versions of the iOS and Android are worrying investors. In response to this, Heins said, “This is not baking cookies. This is building high tech products. From time to time your aspirations and your development timelines hit some bumps in the road that were not foreseen.”

So, will we ever see Blackberry hardware running Android? Probably not. Will Blackberry 10 give Google’s Android and Apple’s iOS a run for its money? This remains to be seen.
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