Remote Sound connectivity to my Android

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Remote Sound connectivity to my Android

Postby kim84 » Wed Nov 14, 2012 11:49 am

Hi guys
I have a small issue with my remote connectivity to my android, I hope you guys can help with, the scenario is simple and my target is to connect to my android remotely through my laptop while the android is connected to my PC in the other room through USB cable, so what I have done already is that am connecting the Android to the PC through a USB cable and the PC to the Laptop through the LAN, now am connecting Remote desktop from my laptop to the PC and on the PC I installed application that can connect to the android so I can totally see the skin of my android and control it, but the final thing I wish to do is to make a phone call, here I connect a Bluetooth to the PC and I connect the Bluetooth as free handset to the android it didn't totally work,
So guys as you see its interesting scenario and if we work together we can accomplish something really assume
Really appreciate your help, Thanks :)
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