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Random ideas

Postby Hobbes » Wed Jan 14, 2009 8:10 am

Hi all, I'm new here. I can't say I know much about development for Android, but I've had a lot of ideas for tweaks and other stuff that would be nice to see on the platform. Some of the stuff in this list is more system issues that might not be possible to fix with anything but an update from Google, some might even be completely impossible for some reason, but others might be easily remedied by apps. Just posting here to see what you guys think. Please don't kill me if I'm kinda clueless. :P

• folders within folders
• system action for compose message in Gmail (to be made into an Anycut) (this might already be possible?)
• working system action for Google Search (also for Anycut) (again, possible?)
• open windowshade made into action (also for Anycut)
• setting for screen to stay off on closing keyboard
• setting for number of home screens (ones for up/down?)
• reoccurring notifications setting (meaning re-vibrate/ring) (I think an app was just made to fix this somewhat and several already can do it for SMS)
• setup for constant notifications (similar to one for music, used for weather, etc.) for certain apps
• trackball always works on lists/menus (currently it doesn't always seem to in the Market and some other lists)
• user controlled reorganization/reordering of menus
• shortcuts in window shade (on the left side, right side, top, bottom, or combination, works just as home screen icons would I guess)
• faster task switching (maybe in window shade sidebar in addition to/instead of shortcuts or option to use camera button to pull up task switch-- I think there was an app for the latter idea but it had problems IIRC)
• multiple buttons possible in a single notification (play/pause controls for music, etc.)
• (completely) close applications (kill button in task switch?)
• working integrated AIM client
• file transfers in IM application
• application prioritizing or option to not kill select applications (both user set) rather than have apps check repeatedly that they're running in the background
• (in place of the previous idea) system-sent triggers for certain applications (for instance, you can set an application to be sent a trigger by the system when you receive an SMS and it runs then rather than having to always run in the background)
• plug-ins/mods for existing applications (meaning stuff not necessarily by original maker) EDIT: it seems this is possible since just today a plug-in for Locale was put up in the market, though I'm not sure if every application can have plug-ins still
• user-created widgets (probably doable, but not easy for your average user)
• always have option to wait in force close menu (if possible, I'm not sure how the system handles that stuff)
• setting for notifications in active window to not persist in window shade after initial attack (so if you're in the messaging app and you receive an SMS from a person and you're already in that thread, the notification won't stay up in the status bar, it'll just do the initial vibration or whatever)
• fix LED blinking on notifications for active window (same issues as above)
• setting to unlock with home button as well as menu, so menu opens to last active window (as it always did), home jumps immediately to home (or option to use other buttons to open to notification window or a specific application i.e. send opens to dialer, back opens to window shade, etc.)
• setting to unlock to application for last notification (i.e. unlocking just after receiving a text removes notification and opens to messaging as if the notification had been clicked)
• customization of app drawer (folders within it, apps/plugins to use it for various other purposes) (or option to move it into menu for home screen)
• option to always mount/not mount on USB when plugging in to computer
• programmable gestures (maybe wouldn't work well until some multitouch is supported, dunno)
• setting to reprogram keyboard keys (such as the second menu button, which could be used for shortcuts or task switch or something)
• option to edit titles for home screen icons/option to show only icon
• settings for icon size
• sort by rating in market
• reworking of zoom in browser (option to use zoom slider that pops up with camera button? double taps ala iPhone broswer?)
• service settings (meaning 3G toggle, etc.)
• user customizable notifications (not really sure for what/how it'd work, but I'm sure there's a use)
• option for pop-up notifications for everything, similar to how SMS Popup works (either in addition to window shade notifications or in place of them)
• on-phone documentation of features, since I only recently figured out a lot of little quirks and I'm sure many others are in the same boat
• allowing apps to change lock screen (inclusion of notifications or persistent status things (i.e. weather, current music track, etc.)
• fix problems with trackball switching between home screen pages when not scrolling in that direction (currently when you scroll up or down after having just switched home screens, while still on the icon furthest to the side, it switches home screens as if you had scrolled to the side, kinda annoying)
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