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Query about AIDL

Postby gobi_est » Thu Apr 19, 2012 4:05 am

Hi All,

If I want to communicate between the process , then I need to use AIDL.
while using AIDL , It is creating Binder thread in my process.I want to know why this thread is needed as communication between the process in Synchronous ?

I am really want to know, why IPC call is Synchronous, why not Asynchronous?
as it is designed as Synchronous , it will affect the performance .

Check out the timestamp and pid in below logs

04-19 08:23:21.575: INFO/MainActivity(332): mRemoteService.StartTimer calling st
04-19 08:23:21.575: INFO/Timer Service(323): StartTimer-Binder Thread #2
04-19 08:23:21.685: INFO/MainActivity(332): mRemoteService.StartTimer called

please correct me if I am wrong
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