Problems with my web app and some older smart phones

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Problems with my web app and some older smart phones

Postby tschroeder2 » Mon Sep 02, 2013 9:07 am

Hi, :)

I'm a web developer from Germany and my current problem is a web application I developed for one of our customers.

The problem is not the code, this was verified, the code is ok.
AND: It works on modern smart phones without any problems.

Our customer uses older smart phones (Samsung Galaxy xcover). Those devices have only a littel bit of RAM, the phones aren't very powerful.

What our customer wants:
A special feature which is only included in some Android browsers, mostly it doesn't work or not perfect enough for professional use.
The feature I mean is: There's a normal website with a standard HTML input file control. Normally when you activate it you get a dialog to select a file from the hdd or sdcard. But some browsers offer additionally the possibility to start the camera. And: If that works ( !!! ), you can make a photo, then you get automatically back to the website, the new photo file is automatically given to the browser and you can upload it by Javascript and PHP (for example).

On those small and old smart phones our customer uses, it worked in Firefox Android (newest version). It workED. Since some weeks it doesn't work anymore! After the photo s shot, Android ends Firefox and restarts it again. This effect is known and documented in the www. Reason is (probably) less RAM in the phone.

The last days I tested most popular Android browsers.

There is - at the moment - no browser which offers the described feature - and when it offers mostly it doesn't work or not perfectly.

What should I do now?

It is very sad. The web site I developed works fine and if you use "Opera Classic 12.1.5", my client-side code is interepreted perfectly, it looks smart and it's very fast. It is great.

But our customer says it is not enough. He says it is too complicated. Opening the website, changing to the desktop, starting the camera app, making the photo, changing to the desktop, open the website, activating the HTML file control, searching the photo file, selecting it for upload. He says: "Too many steps!"

What can we do now? Is there a way to solve the problem?

Or do we have to make a complete new application, a real, installed Android app?

It would be nice to get some help or ideas.

Does anybody think there's a possibility?

Thanks in advance.

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