Porting from Java to Android doubts

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Porting from Java to Android doubts

Postby spinifu » Mon Jul 04, 2011 2:40 pm

Hello everyone:

I´m trying to port a VoiceXML interpreter that is written in java for computers to Android. The first question I have is about Android basics. An Android project is made exclusively of Activities, Intents, Content Providers, Broadcast Receivers and Services? or can i use my .java classes that I already have without converting them into one of the types above?

Can somebody tell me or point me to a post or guide that explains what parts of a Java project have to be changed in order to make it an Android project? For what I´ve read I will have to change the user interface completely (not much of a problem in my case) and also the controller part. This controller part I don´t know what it is...

Thanks very much in advance,

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