porting from iOS - beginners questions..

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porting from iOS - beginners questions..

Postby SM2011 » Mon Oct 31, 2011 10:32 am

hello - I'm making a start on porting my iphone app over to android, just wondered if I could bounce a few questions off you guys to give me a headstart? would be most helpful & much appreciated.

For information my app will consist of some basic touch/ui functions, http calls, json parsing, table/list views. No Opengl or anything that advanced.

- Devices. On iOS I've had the luxury of just a few devices, all of which are basically the same bar the resolution. In order to start out developing for droid, will I need to invest in buying lots of different handsets to test on? Or do I just need to buy one or two, in the knowledge that the app will pretty much function the same across the others? Note I've tried the emulator and found it unusably slow, so will be testing on devices. Just not sure how many and which I need?

- SDK. Likewise, can I just develop for the latest stable SDK version and be confident it will work on the other versions? Providing it's not using any of the new sdk features of course.

What's a best practice approach when it comes to devices/sdk?

- I understand there's no Interface builder equivalent in Eclipse, is there a reliable open source alternative? I'm not _that_ worried about this, just checking if there is one.

thanks all in advance.
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