Phone cards are affordable now

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Phone cards are affordable now

Postby Salanioproteus » Wed Aug 01, 2012 6:43 am

It is all the more easier to buy phone card. Search for the phone cards online. There are several varieties of them online. Buy them online. Use the phone cards for all your calling needs then keep them as a collectible. Phone cards are also popular as a collectible. There are many people who collect these phone cards as hobby and keep sake. Telecom companies produce the phone cards in attractive colours as well as display. The cards have featured celebrities, art, advertisement or attractive photography. The designs are limited and they are fewer copies this has lead people to collect them as a hobby.

The hobby is sometimes called ‘fusilately’ in the UK and a collector is known as a ‘fusilatelist’; In the USA it is called ‘telegery’. Phone cards have been collected worldwide since the mid-1970s and peaked in the mid-1990s, and then over 2 million people collected phone cards.

There are many web sites dedicated to this hobby, which offer catalogs and show the stories behind the cards. CollectorMagic is the largest database and informational website concerning U.S. issued telephone cards. As some telecom companies no longer produce phone cards the hobby went into decline for some years. Since then the publication of a series of world catalogues specializing in world phone cards, the hobby is on again.
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