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Orange Android Market

Postby blundell » Wed Dec 15, 2010 2:37 pm

The Orange Android Market has just been opened up to developers to post up apps free and paid.

I would warn anyone though, if you wish to put paid app's on the Orange Market, there is NO app protection, the Android Market protection will not help. Therefore someone with a rooted phone can get all apk's from the orange market and post them for free.

So if your a free app go for it, but just a warning if you want people to pay for your app watch out!

Official Response from orange:


Thanks for the question. DRM protection for Android apps is something we are looking at. We are investigating Android's licensing solution using the LVL and seeing if we can replicate it or enhance it. One possible solution would be to provide an Orange equivalent that worked both on Orange and on Android market. If this was possible would it be something you would use?

Any solution we develop is in the future and you are right that we don't not have that protection at present but it is something we are conscious of and are working to implement.


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Re: Orange Android Market

Postby iceman32 » Tue Dec 28, 2010 3:59 am


Understandably, Androids licensing may not be the greatest route in protecting an application, but in my case it is worth the chance. My only problem is that me being still fairly new to the market, some of the terminology is still unfamiliar. I would like to add the licensing to my applications for comfort, but some of the notes in the link below seem to be throwing me off. I understand the 64 public key and SALT but as far as the remaining notes, that is where I am lost. I have tried androids website, but unfortunately even more confusing for me. Hopefully, you can make this more clearer and maybe by chance a template of a simple file in which I could visually see. Thanks Lee

* 1. Define the package
* of you application above
* 2. Be sure your public key is set properly @BASE64_PUBLIC_KEY
* 3. Change your SALT using random digits
* 4. Under AllowAccess, Add your previously used MainActivity
* 5. Add this activity to
* your manifest and set intent filters to MAIN and LAUNCHER
* 6. Remove Intent Filters from previous main activity
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Re: Orange Android Market

Postby Mossman » Wed Dec 29, 2010 7:05 am

Wow,thank you for sharing!
Nice to meet you!
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