Noob needs Help with his new Phone

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Noob needs Help with his new Phone

Postby 2wheelerpeeler » Sun May 23, 2010 8:11 am

Hello, first let me start by saying I'm very new to the smart phone thing and after my previous cell that i've had for quite some time finally bit the big one, I decided to get something newer. I've purchase a T-Mobile G1. Now I know its definately not the top of the line new bad boy phone, but its amazingly high tech to a guy like me whos coming from a Motorola Razor.

I purchased this phone used from a person locally, and upon inserting my Sim card into the phone I was up and running. Started doin the basic stuff first like sending Text messages to a couple friends and made some phone calls to test call quality and signal quality in my area and am very pleased with the purchase overall.

I am unfortuanately, having a few issues and I have a feeling its more my inexperience and lack of knowledge more than anything with this phone.

Now the original owner has modded this phone. He's told me it has a Cyanogen ROM on it and at the time of demo of this unit, he was blitzing through options and functions so fast that I was having a very hard time keeping track of what he was doin on screen to do half the things he was doin.

I'm trying to figure out how to do simple things like "change the ringtone"... in my experience with previous phones they would have a catalog of "standard" ringtones that you could use or you could always download ringtones from 3rd party sites and services. But on this phone for some reason when I go to what would seem like the place I would change ringtones at... it seems to ONLY have 1 solitary tone..... am I doing something wrong?

Also, I was told that when I got home.. to plug the USB cord into my Comp and the phone and that it would "Dock" to my computer... but when I plug in this unit into my Computer... it goes through what looks like a basic driver / software installation.. but then asks for a disk? When I try to have windows Search for applications to run it... it can't find anything as tells me to go to the manufacturers site.

My computer DOES pop up what looks like a removable drive in my " My Computer " section, BUT when I click on it.. its just a black folder... where from what I've read.. it should have all sorts of sub-folders inside this folder and these folders are the ones that supposedly give you access to the music and other data ont he phone for use by drag and drop into said folders.

I'm sorry if these questions seem trivial, but I just want to be able to make the most use of this phone as possible.

ANY help you guys can provide me with would be greatly appreciated.
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