Newby questions: Java platform versus Linux kernel +Telphony

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Newby questions: Java platform versus Linux kernel +Telphony

Postby mungbeans » Fri Nov 14, 2008 12:57 am

Hi, I've got a few general questions about Android and the telephony stack in particular, and would be grateful if somebody could answer or provide a link to info etc.

What is the Linux kernel that Android uses? Is it a Google proprietary version, if so what was its root (i.e. what did they take as a starting point for customization)?

Is the Linux kernel completely inaccessable to 3rd party developers, if an OEM is manufacturing an Android based phone do they have to obtain a licencing agreement etc. with Google to obtain the Linux kernel code.

I know there is the Android Telephony Manager, presumably this is just a thin API layer, and the actual telephony stack resides in the Linux Kernel? Does Android provide a reference telephony stack which must be ported to each specific hardware/OEM requirements, or are they required to write the entire telephony stack themselves from scratch?

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