New to Java and Android, recommend books please

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New to Java and Android, recommend books please

Postby oypuppu » Sun Mar 21, 2010 4:31 pm


I have very little programming knowledge. My goal is to make simple 2D games for Android. So far I have read a simple book on Python. I then did some things with pygame such as, moving a sprite around, collision detection, and thats about it. If I want to makes 2D games for Android, and I have the following knowledge/experience above, what books.tutorial do you recommend for me to start with?

I did like how I learned some of the basic python as I was learning pygame. If someone knows of a similar route I could do with Java/Android, please share.
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Postby MichaelEGR » Mon Mar 22, 2010 7:21 am

I'll certainly be addressing 2D and 3D game programming including a full set of tutorials with source code and videos. I am releasing a suite of middleware for real time app and game development for Android and the desktop (cross-platform) in Java by May. Bookmark this site and send me an email to the contact address and I'll let you know when things go live.

For something free check out Thinking In Java by Bruce Eckel:

You can't go wrong there in regard to learning Java, but it is not game dev oriented.

For OpenGL the NeHe tutorials are the gold standard, but that is not specific to Android per se. You'll find desktop ports for Java. All the concepts are the same for Java or C/C++ when it comes to OpenGL. While you can do 2D games with the Android 2D API and I'll be covering that in the Typhon4Android tutorials OpenGL is the way to go for best performance.

Also check out It is a great resource and forum for game programming with Java. It's not Android specific per se, but still worth checking out.

Like anything it's definitely a journey and there is much to learn! I'll be spilling the beans so to speak on the "dark arts" I've acquired over the years soon on the Typhon4Android site.

Best of luck...
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