Need Suggestion For my Wallpaper Android App

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Need Suggestion For my Wallpaper Android App

Postby tProducer » Thu May 02, 2013 9:59 am

Dear All,

Previously i have develop a wallpaper android app. Support 2.1 to the latest android platform.

Good News:
All the button working well. And the photos looks good in PHONES(small to 5inche screen)

Bad News :
When test the wallpaper app in ANDROID TABLET(7inche and 10inche, The photos look small. Not suitable to set as tablet wallpaper.

1) Question - Is it possible to make 1 Single wallpaper app which the photos suitable(in term of resolution and size) for both phone and tablet ? :?:

2) Options i can think of -
2.1) Create separate app.
One for mobile and another for tablet. Each app contain image with different resolution. Small resolution for mobile app. Big resolution for tablet app.

2.2) Create one app with option
For example , Click "Button A" for mobile wallpaper, "Button B" for tablet wallpaper. the cons the.
Cons : the app size will be big, because one app contains high definition photos for both mobile and table. same image but different resolution. Kind of duplicates.

Kindly advise me on the above question and contribute if can think of any other suitable option to overcome the problem.

Thank You Very Much :)
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