Need Advice/Coming over from Blackberry

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Need Advice/Coming over from Blackberry

Postby appsfx » Mon Mar 28, 2011 12:49 pm

Hi Guys,

I need some advice and also some understanding...all comments welcome...

* What is a reasonable minimal base platform sdk level as a bottom which would be fine for 90+ percent
of the devices out there? 1.6? 2.0? etc...

* Why are there so many free apps on Android versus Blackberry? Where are the free app developers making their $$$?

* Is there a remote management tool available for Android - meaning a central PC that can install/manage apps/phones from a central location? If so - what is the top product out there for this?

* For Google TV and 3.0/Pads/etc. - is it possible to run a 1.6 SDK built app on these platforms? Meaning - would they be backward compatible?

That's enough questions for now...thanks in advance....
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Re: Need Advice/Coming over from Blackberry

Postby blundell » Wed Mar 30, 2011 9:02 am

1.6 as 97% yes (SDK 4) ... sions.html

Because blackberry sucks? ( my bias opinion) . Free app's can make money with adverts, with in app payments and also conversions from the free app to a paid app.

Sorry don't understand, central to what?

Yes they would (3.0 atleast) not sure about the TV, but bear inmind they would be missing some cool features that you could implement!
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