National brand independent innovation hair force high-end

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National brand independent innovation hair force high-end

Postby Hotcandy » Mon Jan 14, 2013 6:16 am

At present, the global smartphone market are unusually fierce in competition. Former mobile phone giant nokia, MOTOROLA and rapid decline; Google, Microsoft Internet giants are heavily into; Even full-fledged high-end smartphone overlord apple also in the innovation of the dilemma. In the operators and mobile phone manufacturer, pushed by one thousand yuan intelligence machine "rage", expansion, become mobile phone brand of grabbing market share edge tool. According to data shows that, at present the national brand mobile phone only 10% profit margin. National brand although accounted for 50% of the domestic smartphone market share, but are concentrated in the low-end smartphone market. Samsung and apple accounted for 99% of the mobile phone market profits, national brand and other international brand can only go for the remaining 1% of the profits. National brand smart phones into low profit or loss of the dilemma.'
Due to the current domestic mobile phone thl w7 manufacturing entry threshold is low, the product without differentiation characteristics, the domestic mobile phone manufacturer only in spell price, network media, etc, causing the attention on the industry too much competition, part of the brand in the competition, this intensifies the die China mobile phone market shuffle. Therefore, in the past year shout "sacrifice profits for scale" of the domestic mobile phone manufacturer is gradually changing management idea, through independent innovation, and other means to improve the competitiveness of their products, and strive to get rid of the plight of low profit.
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