Mophie OutRide Case Converts Your iPhone Into An Extreme Cam

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Mophie OutRide Case Converts Your iPhone Into An Extreme Cam

Postby pinkbaby » Wed Dec 26, 2012 11:26 am

Who needs a GoPro when you've got an iPhone? That may have been a silly question a few years ago, but these days... not so much. Mophie has made a name for itself by producing world-class smartphone cases that double as external iphone battery extender. While it started as an iPhone outfit, Mophie now makes cases for select Android phones as well. But as ever, just doing a few things well isn't enough for a for-profit company, and now Mophie is marching out into the extreme camera world with the OutRide.

It's a specialized iPhone case that provides extreme protection, while also giving the iPhone's camera 170-degree viewing angles. It'll waterproof the whole shebang, and it's available now for $150. That price even includes a multitude of adapters and holders, so you can strap your iPhone / extreme camera onto handlebars, surf equipment, and pretty much anything where you'd want to film some pretty intense footage.
Sadly, there's no iPhone 5 version available yet, but iPhone 4 and 4S owners may find this easier than buying a dedicated camcorder.
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