Mobile phone quick baimiao ticket 5.7 inch ThL W7 listed thi

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Mobile phone quick baimiao ticket 5.7 inch ThL W7 listed thi

Postby Hotcandy » Fri Jan 18, 2013 4:28 am

ThL smartphone will this month launched a 5.7 inch smartphone thl w7, collocation have the market mainstream configuration, strong performance, double card dual mode guarantee high quality, let you call critical moment off the chain, and large screen large field of view let you order online more convenient, fast buying train ticket. Now open to booking a price is 1699 yuan only.
ThL W7 have double color optional, style is classic and generous, with 5.7 inches large screen, more broad vision. Match two 4.0 system (follow-up can be upgraded to two 4.1), mass games with your application, but also wireless Internet, at any time to visit information. ThL W7 built-in A9 framework, the MTK6577 chip, basic frequency is 1 GHZ, tie-in gbram 1 + 4 gbrom storage, and lead 3.2 million pixels, rear 8 million pixel high-definition cameras. Built-in 2300 mah battery, continuation of the strong.
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