Meizu M9–iPhone 4 clone or something more?

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Meizu M9–iPhone 4 clone or something more?

Postby jessicasiny » Wed Mar 28, 2012 8:39 am

If there is one phone maker that has never really minded being called an Apple cloner and has made strides in carving its own niche in the smartphone market its Chinese electronics maker Meizu. Meizu’s first stint into the touchscreen phone sector was the M8. While the phone was quite clearly influenced… ... -7642.html

by the Apple iPhone, Meizu was rocking some, at the time, quite impressive specs under the hood. The latest offering from Meizu, is the Meizu M9 that promises to bring Android 2.3 on a 3.5"(960X640) screen powered by a 1GHz CPU, with an impressive $369.99 bucks UNLOCKED!
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