Location-base Application Installation

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Location-base Application Installation

Postby javacookies » Tue Jul 19, 2011 4:15 am

I'm a newbie in Android developing.Actually I'm just a student right now.
I'm planning to develop an Android application as my thesis.
I'll just ask if it's possible in Android that when it connects to an establishment's network,let's say a restaurant, through WiFi,the network can ask the device if it would like to install an application?
It's like the restaurant has it's own android app that will be installed to customer's devices and the app will stream data from the network to keep the app small in size
I'm sorry for the long post and bad English. thanks in advance :)

i'm talking about this thing but it's not yet implemented,it's just patent as of now,but i'm thinking maybe there's another way to somehow imitate the function like what I said,installing app from the network
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