LG Cell Phone Recovery - How to get back deleted files from

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LG Cell Phone Recovery - How to get back deleted files from

Postby abcmac83 » Wed Sep 05, 2012 10:20 am

Question : I reset my LG Vortex phone carelessly without backing anything up. I'm so panic to find that all the materials including photos, movies, music and some documents on it are gone. Can I get back the lost files from my LG Vortex phone? Or is everything gone forever?

Answer : Whether you can retrieve your lost files from LG cell phone depends on where you delete the files ans what you have done after the accident. If the missing files are stored on your phone's internal memory, it is very sorry to say that the lost files are gone forever. If the files are deleted from SD card, there is a chance to recover them. But remember that do not use your mobile phone any more after data loss.

Why stop using cell phone after file missing?

In fact, when you delete a file from your cell phone SD card, the file itself is not deleted, just invisible. The space where the deleted file was took is marked as free space so it is available for any new files to be stored there instead. If and when that happens, it is impossible to recover you deleted files. So remember that stop using your cell phone any more after file missing and use a data recovery software as soon as you can.

What you will need to recover lost files from LG cell phone?

Android Data Recovery works on both Mac and Windows. If you happened to lose important files from you LG cell phone, this program is your best choice. It can help you recover the deleted, formatted, erased or lost photos, videos, songs, documents and more from any LG phone model.


Supported LG Phone models :
Android Data Recovery can retrieve the files deleted by any improper operation and other reasons from LG Ally, Optimus Z, Optimus One, Optimus Chic, Optimus S, Axis, Optimus Me, Optimus Chat, etc.

How to recover lost photos, video and audios from your LG Android Phone? - YouTube

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Re: LG Cell Phone Recovery - How to get back deleted files f

Postby Clamoon » Thu Nov 22, 2012 8:31 am

The Samsung Galaxy S3 follows on through the runaway success that had been the Samsung Galaxy S2, which won great praise and sold in huge numbers, helping Samsung snag the crown of the biggest cellphone manufacturer in the world. The Samsung Galaxy S3 has been named Phone of the Year for the annual T3 Gadget Awards, beating famous brands the iPhone 4S, the HTC One X as well as the Nokia Lumia 900. The S3 moved big on innovation, with a lot of the latest features the speculation hadn’t imagined of. Therefore, Samsung galaxy s3 has turned into a sought-phone.

If you are a Samsun galaxy s3 user, and you also happen discover the situation blow:
I just have internet to my samsung galaxy s3 and that i really needed the photos that I accidently deleted, so is there the best way I'm able to retrieve deleted pictures on samsung galaxy? Maybe something I can download to my phone that will have it fixed? Please help!

Well! Don’t get tensed? To tell the truth you can recover these formatted pictures, videos and application files from the Samsung Galaxy s 3 unless the memory card is overwritten with any new data. Therefore it is suggested not to ever add any new file or data thereto formatted calling card. Here I will show you how to do.And the method also can recover deleted photos from samsung galaxy 2


Need 4 simple actions to recover deleted pictures from samsung galaxy 3 :
* 1. Connect your samsung galaxy s3 in your computer
* 2. Run Data Recovery software and you will see the main interface.
* 3. Choose your memory to become scanned. Quick Recovery offers a faster hunt for recently deleted files.
* 4. Following the scanning, all result will probably be displayed. When it reaches this page you will note your lost files. To verify it, you'll be able to want to preview it and to decide getting in touch with recover them or you cannot.

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