Let the weaknesses be your advantages

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Let the weaknesses be your advantages

Postby blandbass781 » Tue May 15, 2012 3:20 am

War is the continuation of politics, business is the miniature war.

Put all your eggs in one basket is war, caution also is; Invincible is war, cast armors too. Attack is war, defense also is; Go a way against rival is war, copy too.

Imitate opponents, copying mindless, is like command war according to the textbook, these commanders are likely to make himself and team become cannon fodder. Another is comprehensive reactionary, the enemy to the east we to the west, we oppose what the opponents agree. This approach seems like innovation, actually is see the textbooks upside down. These managers are disaster of the enterprise.

Imitation is no shame, Drucker even promoted the imitation of innovative to enterprise strategic height. To imitate in innovation, is impossible to copy completely, should search for the weakness of the original products, and improve on this basis, can eventually catch up and beyond the original products.

In the age of drucker, apple is not so gorgeous from today, the big star is IBM that time, apple still play walk-on, clear. Drucker said: apple invented the personal computer, when apple appeared, immediatly sparked huge reaction. Then IBM began to start the work beyond apple. It think like this: "where are the defects of apple?" In a year and a half of time, the personal computers IBM put in the market, not only considered the requirments of all the personal computer users; Also provided a thing apple computer did not considered: software. In the next year, IBM personal computer became the market leader around the world, and occupied the position for 10 years, but apple have been marginalized. After more than 20 years, and by the 1990 s, apple had degenerate into a enterprise in specific divide markets.

IBM pinpoint the weakness of apple: software, and is self closed software. But really grasped the weakness, repress apple for 20 years is Microsoft. Microsoft's Windows flowering around the world: PC manufacturers installed Windows with paid, software maker developed all kinds of application software based on Windows interface. while apple can only rely on a handful of iUsers.

What the weaknesses of IBM and Microsoft? Big blue busy with its strategic transformation, and go away from apple, had signed an armistice agreement carelessly. And compared to apple, Microsoft's weaknesses have two: one is the hardware, and the second is the mobile terminal software. Maybe apple's most wise decision, is it firmly turn to the personal electronics market. Once the King of the market, itself has obvious weaknesses, and these weaknesses is exactly the advantages of apple.

SONY is very severe, whether technology, or market, enough to make any opponent the creeps. But SONY stuck in mud, look very powerful television, Pictures, notebook computers, cameras, and SLRS departments, such close together is not a strong SONY, but a SONY with huge deficit for years. SONY's weakness, was similar to apple's weakness that time, the software. Over the years, SONY and no real to unity, a subsidiary of their hardware and content, "a SONY" is more like a slogan, rather than an action program.

Nokia, RIM is very severe. But apple came out, their flagship products immediately appear ugly, hard to use nd boring. Once seemed impregnable edifice, almost down instantly.

Compared with Microsoft and Google, apple is strong in hardware. Apple design is stronger than nokia, RIM. And software of apple is stronger than SONY and Samsung. Apple established a whole unification platform rely on IOS, this still no giant can get.

Time goes by, once weaknesses may become now advantages. Market like battlefield, change of the strength in winks!

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