Leawo PowerPoint Converter Upgrade Supports Office 2013

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Leawo PowerPoint Converter Upgrade Supports Office 2013

Postby gary6540 » Fri Jan 11, 2013 8:09 am

Shenzhen, China, January 11th, 2013 – Leawo Software Co., Ltd., a professional multimedia software company aiming to provide state-of-art software solution for users to get accesses to PowerPoint presentations on multimedia devices, has in recent days released upgraded PowerPoint converters including Leawo PowerPoint to Video, Leawo PowerPoint to DVD, Leawo PowerPoint to FLV, Leawo PowerPoint to iPad and Leawo PowerPoint to YouTube. The Leawo PowerPoint converter upgrade has included added support for Microsoft Office 2013 and some small-bug fixings.
As the successor of Microsoft Office 2010, Microsoft Office 2013 provides users various newly-added innovative and practical functions. Even though Microsoft Office 2013 is not available in the market at present, its popularization in the future has become almost a certain thing. Therefore, this Leawo PowerPoint converter upgrade not only goes match with the future trend, but also is beneficial to users. Moreover, upgraded Leawo PowerPoint Converter enables users to take full advantages of Microsoft PowerPoint 2013 for entertaining purposes.
What's the content of Leawo PowerPoint converter upgrade?
1. Added support for Office 2013
With added support for Office 2013, Leawo PowerPoint converters are compatible with PowerPoint 2013 presentations. Therefore, users are able to make full use of Leawo PowerPoint converters to convert PPT file of all formats to various videos. Of course, as the functions of the PowerPoint converters differ, their uses vary. Leawo PowerPoint to Video allows users to play PowerPoint 2013 file on Google Nexus 4; Leawo PowerPoint to DVD enables users to burn PowerPoint 2013 presentation to DVD movie; Leawo PowerPoint to iPad gives users the chance to convert PowerPoint 2013 to iPad movie; Leawo PowerPoint to FLV provides users good solution to convert PowerPoint 2013 document to Flash video; Leawo PowerPoint to YouTube makes uploading PowerPoint 2013 to YouTube an easy task. Therefore, with PowerPoint 2013, users can give wonderful presentations and with Leawo PowerPoint converters, users can turn those wonderful presentations to excellent and impressive movies.
2. Fixed some bugs
Another important feature of the Leawo PowerPoint converter upgrade is the fixing of small bugs. Most of those bugs had been found and reported by users who are using the previous version of Leawo PowerPoint converters. With this PowerPoint converter upgrade, Leawo PowerPoint converters can not only enhance user experience but also improve the efficiency and fasten the speed of the conversion process from PowerPoint to videos of all formats.

Leawo PowerPoint to Video, Leawo PowerPoint to DVD, Leawo PowerPoint to FLV, Leawo PowerPoint to YouTube, and Leawo PowerPoint to iPad have both free trial version and registered version with prior technical support. Users could freely download Leawo PowerPoint Converters via the following links.
Company Website: http://www.leawo.com/
Leawo PowerPoint to Video: http://www.leawo.com/powerpoint-video-converter/
Leawo PowerPoint to DVD: http://www.leawo.com/powerpoint-to-dvd/
Leawo PowerPoint to YouTube: http://www.leawo.com/powerpoint-to-youtube/
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