iPad Mini really will come?

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iPad Mini really will come?

Postby mariowilson484 » Fri Jul 06, 2012 3:06 am

According to Bloomberg news, Apple going to launch a cheaper price, size more small iPad in October this year, compete with Google and Microsoft's tablet computer. The size of this device's screen between 7 inches to 8 inches, no "retinal" resolution. According to Sterne Agee & Leach analyst Shaw Wu analysis, price of iPad Mini will be close to 199 dollars.

The second half of this year, the tablet computer market will appear many strength competition.

Last week, Google I/O Congress, ASUS Nexus 7 officially unveiled, win praise of the media, it elegant appearance, hold feels comfortable, beautiful screen, excellent performance and truly low-cost but not low quality. Foreign even someone can't wait, to bought a Nexus 7 at $1825 from eBay.

Before Google I/O Congress, Microsoft also announced its product tablet Surface, this is a tablet computer equipped with a keyboard, its operation experience pull away iPad. in rumours,the price of Surface run Windows RT is $599, and the price of Surface run Windows 8 is $999. Many people expressed affection to this equipment, because the built-in Office Office white-collar must face.

First amazon pull the price of tablet computer down to the interval of $199, also is said will release Kindle Fire 2 at the end of this month, and a 10 inch Kindle Fire. It is still not clear the cost of 10 inches Kindle Fire, but according to amazon's style, should be cheaper than most 10 inches tablet computer products on the market.

Although according to Gartner data, iPad tablet computer still occupied 61% of market share, in dominant position, but Google, Microsoft and amazon three strength opponent to join, price in $499 the new iPad, $399 iPad 2 now under increasing pressure. If apple choose a low-cost tablet computer to respond, not very surprising.

Of course, not all the people believe the news, and for apple make iPad Mini, they don't have the appreciated attitude. CNET made a street visit, ask how passers-by treat the iPad Mini. The majority of people believe that the message is not credible, reason is 7.85 inches of this size is strange, they think apple should focus on more exciting field, such as TV set; Even if the assumption is true, interviewee does not feel excited about this.

This Bloomberg news is widely spread, mainly because the bloomberg leaks has more credibility: before Google I/O Congress, it success predict the exist of Nexus 7 tablet PC; Earlier, it also successfully kept the existence of the Kindle Fire, and successfully predicted its price for $199. From the historical experience look, bloomberg news source is relatively reliable.

You hope to have a cheaper iPad?

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Re: iPad Mini really will come?

Postby CathyKing » Wed Aug 08, 2012 9:39 am

Yes,according to the rumor and the news,the iPad mini is coming soon,I am really excite about this although I have already bought a iPad 3,,I really love this device,it is portable and can be used anywhere and the information created and edited on the iPad can be accessed from anywhere and by anyone with proper access....And in the same time, also bought a iPad Keyboard here,it is really an amazing accessories...easy to use and portable...
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