Industrial restructuring in the age of big data

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Industrial restructuring in the age of big data

Postby jonycarl234 » Sun Jun 10, 2012 6:55 am

In recent years, the network industry is experiencing a series of profound changes, we call it "the separation". Early in the network industry, the typical pattern is a network company develop a web site, which contains several products and services, the company's server connect a network terminal to a customer service through the network cable, and the resulting network data only belong to the company form a fixed and closed loop. But today, this model has been difficult to deal with the development of the industry. A company's network products and service, not only operation through their website, but also as a third party applications in the open platform operation of other companies, form the separation of website and the product. As a user use more network terminal and computing clouds become fashion, products and terminal appear separation. rise of WEB2.0 model, making the production and dissemination of information and the promotion of the product and service depend more on the interaction between users, the website and the user has occurred separation. A variety of separation of network operating trend has produced a great challenge. Face large service matrix of N products × N platform × N terminal × N users of the relationship, the same old story play inevitably will intensify the unstructured network data and fragmentation. A company only catch one or several points in the operation can not achieve comprehensive market returns, grasp every and a great drain, insufficient resources allocation. So, must find a way, can from the past simple business environment gradually transition to complex interaction in the circle of industrial ecology.

If from the point of view of the age of big data, the whole network industry will inevitably restructuring. Upstream industry can master large data standards, the entry, collection and integration process, they are in large data storage,achieve high efficiency by use and based on the analysis of the personalized launch, the precision, the intelligent mechanism, cross site, cross product, across terminals, cross-platform, to establish the new business model. The ideal goal of these company is to hold all the network users and all Internet service providers of all network behavior. This kind of ability to control large data may in turn profound influence on the future direction of the network industry and the way people use the Internet. From the current industrial pattern look, Facebook, Google and apple is the company closest to the goal.

Middle of the ndustry are those can master large data in some vertical or some specific area entry, collection and integration of the company, they have the ideal goal to obtain all Internet users network behavior or parts of the network users. These companies can become regulators and business model innovators in these vertical or specific area. From the current industrial pattern look, amazon is a typical middle reaches of the industry leader.

The downstream industry now exit about half of the network company, they basically the role of the data provider, characteristic service operators and distributor in the ecosystem data, basic through the open platform and search engine to gain users, have no independent ability and opportunity of survival and development. The rest of the other half network company, due to lack of sufficient understanding, determined, or ability, failed to timely transformation to join big data ecological laps, or be eliminated, or suffer from the brink of industry.

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