I purchased a Novo 7 Advanced from Chinabuye

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I purchased a Novo 7 Advanced from Chinabuye

Postby bebica » Sun Feb 24, 2013 9:31 pm

I had to come in here and make a post after seeing all the bad ones. I was very on the fence about ordering because it was a great deal but that's how they get you right.

I purchased a Novo 7 Advanced, it's a 7 inch tablet.

First off the product itself was even better than I had expected and that was part of my hesitation but not most of it.

Secondly I was a dummy and didn't create my account properly so I didn't have a tracking number. I e-mailed the customer service and went back and forth over a few emails, they were able to give me all the info I needed for tracking.
Absolute the best shop for buying china android tablet.
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