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How to start developing.

Postby NubCake » Sat Oct 17, 2009 9:46 am

Hello :)

Im interested to the android platform since when it first came out, and im also interested about the development part even thought i havent got any time yet.

I just bought an htc magic a month ago, and I'd like to start developing something.

I actually know the basics of C++, PHP and HTML, nothing advanced tho.

Where should i start? I havent got any knowleadge of JAVA. Should i focus on JAVA first then on something android related?

Can you guys suggest me a book? I read somewhere that "Thinking in Java" is a good read for JAVA starters. Do i need it? Or should i just buy an android related book? Could you suggest me one?

Thanks in advance :D
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Postby padde » Sat Oct 17, 2009 10:26 am

Well.. some java basics never hurt.. so i would suggest a basic java learning book or something for the start.
Whereas the syntax of java is very similar to C++.. so you should have no probs to get through the basics real
quick :)

After that i would suggest the succinctly but good developer site of android
or some of the android books out there. After you mastered the android basics its time
for a project.. and for the drawbacks that will appear along that road this forum is
just the right place to beg for enlightenment :wink:
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