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How to Start Android Development

Postby reallife » Tue Jul 21, 2009 7:08 pm

Hello all,
I am an undergraduate student.
For my diplomatic work i have to create a multiplayer game on android platform.
I am writting this post because i need help on how to start with this project.
1- First i plan to read a good Java book. Any suggestions would help :)
2- A good book for android development?
3- Some links?

Because my game must be multiplayer, i have some questions about it:
4- How does the emulator works? About Ip adress etc?
5- Any tutorial on ad-hoc networks with android?
6- If i have 2 pc under the same network and the android emulator installed, can i emulate 2 android platforms like having 2 devices? Can i create a network between the two emulators and send/receive data?

Every info(links-tutorials etc) about android emulator networking would be helpfull.
Thank you all

Ps1:Gratz for this community, great work :o
Ps2: Sry for my bad english :oops:
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